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A highly motivated, driven, enthusiastic and creative marketing graduate with over six years experience in retail, management, marketing communications and market research. I have a personal commitment to continually developing and upskilling myself while gaining experience in all areas of marketing both in the Irish market and abroad. I am a strong communicator and delegator whish has resulted in being assigned the task of managing flow of information between staff and management in Marks and Spencer with a focus on increasing productivity and sales. I have worked with successful brands such as Marks and Spencer, Synovate Market Research, Brown Thomas and O'Neills Sportswear.

Andrew Mooney's Professional Experience

2005 - Present

Marks and Spencer - Retail Executive

•Delegate and manage flow of information between staff and management
•Leading, coaching and mentoring of new and existing staff
•Assist management in meeting store standards and KPIs
•Successfully re-structuring POS and in store branding resulting in increased sales of targeted products
•Support section manger in completion of financial and administrative reports (Dashboard & Internal system)

Key Skills
Management, Leadership, Strong Communicator, Delegation, Motivation, Branding, Market Research, Mediation
2010 - 2010

Synovate Market Research Australia - Marketing Research Consultant

Synovate Market Research is a global market research firm that generates insights to help clients drive competitive brand, product and customer experience strategies.

•Undertook and customised briefs to gain insights into mind of end-consumer
•Liaised with senior management regarding results obtained
•Face to face and telephone based market research; Approached and engaged members of the public at events organised by clients such as Philips and Red Bull (Red Bull Air Race 2010) and Tourism W.A.
•Motivated and led multi-cultural team at Red Bull Air Race 2010
•Analysed and formulated results using statistical software such as SPSS and CATI

Key Skills
Leadership, Management, Strong Communicator, Delegation, Motivation, Branding, Market Research, Mediation, Customer Service

Andrew Mooney's Education and Qualifications


Masters/PostGrad - MSc International Business

D.I.T (Dublin Institute of Technology), Aungier Street

*Included a group-based consultancy project with Safefood360 over a 6 month period (
Safefood360 is a web based development company specialising in compliance management for the global food industry. In particular, focus is in the area of food safety management. Safefood360 have designed a web based food safety management system that allows food processing businesses manage all aspects of food safety in one fully integrated solution.
•Undertook a research brief on behalf of client to decide market validation for introduction of new product in USA
•Gathered, deciphered and formulated results based on findings
•Analysed results using statistical tools, presented to client and made recommendations based on the findings
•Safefood360 entered USA in summer 2011 based on our recommendations
•Presented findings to client and third party which resulted in implementation of strategy

*Included a thesis: What is the influence of culture of origin on immigrant entrepreneurship in Ireland?
•Gathered primary and secondary research on immigrant entrepreneurship in order to meet objectives
•Developed and formulated questionnaire
•Interviewed immigrant entrepreneurs in order to understand their entrepreneurial story in Ireland
•Analysed results and formulated conclusions and recommendations for future study


Bachelor/Degree - BSc (Honours) Marketing Management

Institute of Technology Tallaght. Dublin, Ireland.

Andrew Mooney's Additional Information


Organised and financed own travel to Australia in 2003 and 2010 and to Europe in 2003
-Travelled to Australia where I experienced some of the most amazing wildlife and scenery in the world. During my time in Australia I was part of a multi-cultural group of people who engaged in a great adventure including scuba-diving in the Whitsunday Islands

Snooker and Soccer
Member of snooker and soccer clubs for over 15 years
-Represent Spawell Snooker Club in the Dublin Billiards and Snooker Leagues where I compete against clubs from all over Dublin.

Music and Architecture
-Keen interest in architecture from a young age and have travelled around the globe where I have seen and admired some of the most beautiful buildings in the world. Also have a great love of live music and appreciate the talent and dedication that is involved in it.