Andrea Coleman - Childcare worker.

Room Supervisor at Sandys Creche and Montessori



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Andrea Coleman's Professional Experience

2003 - Present

Sandys Creche and Montessori - Room Supervisor

My duties included the daily running of the playschool room.This included organising a curriculum and supervising other staff. Also the running of the afterschool facility. I was incharge of opening and closing of the premises.Driving of the schools small mini-van to bring the children to and from activites. Dealing with the parents and the children. Organising a healthy and appetising meals for the children.

2002 - 2003

Moviedrome Ltd - Assistant Area Manager

My duties included handling and lodging on a daily basis large amounts of cash, regular stock taking, staff analyse, placing orders, meeting suppliers and filing reports on profit and loss.

Key Skills
Filing Placing Orders Reports
2000 - 2002

Jazz Hair Design - Junior Apprentice

Part- time work.
My duties ioncluded serving customers, helping other staffmembers and dealing with money.

Key Skills

Andrea Coleman's Education and Qualifications


Certificate - Certificate

Meath Civil Defence

Learn how to give CPR and deal with a choking child.
Learn about illness and sickness such as Asthma, Epilepsy, Allergies and Meningitis
How to deal with children/people who have Musculoskeletal injuries and Burns & Scalds.
Learn how to access an accident scene, contact the emergence services and place injured party in recovery position.


PhD/Doctorate - Working with children with specail needs.

Meath County Childcare Commuity

Preparation and tidying up of classroom in which the pupil with special needs is/are being taught.
Assisting children to board and alight from school buses. Where necessary travel as escort on school buses may be required.
Special assistance as necessary for pupils with particular difficulties e.g. helping physically disabled pupils with typing or writing.
Assistance with clothing, feeding, toileting and general hygiene.


Certificate - Certificate

Iona Training Services Ltd.

Understanding the consequences of incorrect lifting
Understanding the mechanics of the spine and muscular system
Understanding the 8 principles of safe lifting


Diploma - Caring for children 0-6 Years old.

Meath County Childcare Commuity

Course included the understand the responsibilities involved in caring for children
The care for the physical needs of children from 0-6 years
To promote good practice in caring for children
Also learning how to maintain an environment for children that is healthy, hygienic
and safe.


Certificate - Certificate Level two

North Eastern Health Board

Food Hygiene Awareness
Food Delivery & Food Storage
Food preparation, cooking and hot holding
Personal hygiene and good hygiene practices
Cleaning awareness and Pest Control
HACCP awareness and monitoring requirements


Certificate - Certificate

Collane HR Solutions

Leadership and Team-working Skills
Stress and Time Management
Managing Workplace Conflict
Managing Workplace Change

Andrea Coleman's Additional Information


I enjoy lots of outdoor activities such as horse-riding and walking. I also do a number of fundraising events for various charities throughout the year. I enjoy spending time with my five year old nephew and taking him to adventure parks. I have also helped a local family with the care of their wonderful daughter who has special needs. I help in the mornings getting her ready for school administrating medication and getting her dressed for school. I also take her out at the weekends for herself and her family to get a break.