Andrea Amandi - Responsible and very organized.Very adaptable.Customer focused.Ability to work effectively within a team environment.

legal labor consultant at Amandi y asociados asesores, S.L.



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A legal labor consultant with eight years experience in a consultancy company. Degree in law. Responsible and very organized. Very adaptable. Customer focused. Ability to work effectively within a team environment. Ability to quickly establish rapport and build effective relationships.

Andrea Amandi's Professional Experience

2003 - 2011

Amandi y asociados asesores, S.L. - legal labor consultant

-Customer contact services.
-Processing and resolution of labor client issues.
-Processing and resolution of national insurance matters. Collaboration with Fraternidad Muprespa -a Spanish Insurance Company-.
-Prepare and write legal documents, study and assessment for workers in different labor issues.
-Legal assistance in court.
-Understands and applies laws, principles, concepts, theories and standards of professional field.
-Resolution of proceedings related to dismiss, retirement (from Spain, France, Belgium and Australia), disability or widower´s pension issues.
-Supervising the pay-roll team (seven persons) and responsible for the day-to-day running of office, reporting them to the labor department manager.