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An expert in mainframe and distributed systems products, Amita Vadlamudi spent all of her career working in the Computer Technology industry. During the 30 plus years of her career, she managed an assortment of sophisticated operating systems and infrastructures, such as IBM MVS/ESA, VM/ESA, AIX and SUN Solaris Operating System. Amita Vadlamudi obtained proficiency in a wide range of program languages, such as REXX, PL1, Assembler, and Shell Scripting.

Amita Vadlamudi focused much of her time as a computer engineer on the support of Unix Systems. During this time, she built Solaris OS images while integrating Powerpath, Volume Manager Suite, and other peripheral products and cluster software. Furthermore, she utilized recovery suites to restore servers and implemented boot support through the system area networks. Vadlamudi developed and implemented procedures to dynamically add new hardware to servers without a reboot.

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