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Pharmacology and Pharmacists

on 18 Mar 2018 19:31

Pharmacology is an area of biomedical sciences that studies the drug action effects on our body. Drug action affects all of us in one way or another through the medicines that we take.

Pharmacology is essential for discovering new medicines that would help fight diseases such as cancer, depression, heart disease, various infectious diseases etc. Moreover continued progress in the discovery of new drugs is needed to prevent possible upcoming deadly illnesses. Drugs are not only importa ...more

Engineering jobs

on 28 Jan 2018 2:38

Simply put, an engineer is a person who brings to life what the scientists have researched and conceptualized. Using mathematical and scientific formulas, engineers figure out how things work and find practical uses for scientific discoveries. They recommend and specify materials and processes, supervise manufacturing and construction, conduct failure analysis, and provide consulting services. Following are some of the Engineering disciplines.

Mechanical Engineering: this focus ...more

Library Shelf-Reading

on 08 Jan 2018 20:24

Shelf reading, the process of reviewing the placement of books on a library’s shelves to ensure they’re in the proper location is a crucial element of library management. An improperly shelved book is as good as lost since library staff and patrons are unlikely to find it. A book’s place on the library’s shelves is determined by its call number, assigned according to a classification system that arranges titles based on subject matter. The two most common classification systems are t ...more

The Three Generations of Computers

on 10 Dec 2017 20:23

Since the 1940’s three generations of computers have evolved, each powered by the vacuum tubes, transistors and microchips respectively.

First generation computers:

Vacuum tubes were invented in 1906 by the American physicist Lee De Forest. Vacuum tubes used electricity to heat a filament inside a tube.

ENIAC was the first significant computer to be built using the vacuum tubes. It was built in 1944 at University of Pennsylvania by two professors John Mauchly an ...more

Volunteer as a Shelf-Reader at Your Local Library

on 23 Oct 2017 23:24

Many libraries employ the services of volunteers as shelf-readers to ensure that library guests find neat and well-organized shelves and can locate particular items. Shelf-readers look over the shelves, checking for proper alphabetization of the books and other materials and that their order correctly follows the Dewey Decimal system. They also straighten up the books and materials, aligning them with the shelves' front edges.

Those interested in volunteering as shelf-readers need to ...more