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Volunteer as a Shelf-Reader at Your Local Library

on 23 Oct 2017 23:24 | Viewed 1018 times

Many libraries employ the services of volunteers as shelf-readers to ensure that library guests find neat and well-organized shelves and can locate particular items. Shelf-readers look over the shelves, checking for proper alphabetization of the books and other materials and that their order correctly follows the Dewey Decimal system. They also straighten up the books and materials, aligning them with the shelves' front edges.

Those interested in volunteering as shelf-readers need to have an eye for detail and the physical ability to stand and squat repeatedly. Typically, the first step for becoming a volunteer involves attending an orientation session.

For information about library volunteer positions or to submit an application to become a volunteer shelf-reader, contact the volunteer coordinator at your local library.

About the Author: A computer systems engineer for over three decades, Amita Vadlamudi has worked with a variety of operating systems and associated products. Today, Amita Vadlamudi volunteers her time as a shelf-reader at her local library.


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