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The Work of Meteorologists

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Meteorology is the study of the atmosphere. Those who study and practice meteorology are called the meteorologists. They use scientific and mathematical techniques to understand and forecast the weather. Meteorologists observe and study how the changes in weather and atmospheric conditions impact the earth and its inhabitants.

Job of Meteorologists

Meteorologists use intelligent computer models and data, collected from all over the world, to make forecasts for the given areas. We might see the meteorologists as the weather broadcasters on TV, but there are many who work in government agencies. A lot of the meteorologists work privately and provide highly precise information to businesses and organizations whose work is highly affected by weather conditions. For instance, they might let the utility companies know how much the demand would increase during the summer. They might advise businesses and government-funded agricultural firms as to where to set up their farms and how to protect crops from extreme weather conditions.

A lot of the meteorologists work with hydrologists, environmental scientists, and physicists to understand how the atmosphere of the planet is connected with the water on earth. With the help of the meteorologists, environmental scientists study and forecast the environment and deal with issues such as global warming.

Meteorologists can become faculty members of colleges and universities. They can either teach at the undergraduate or graduate level and/or perform research at the institutes.

The forensic meteorologists have the task of investigating and providing information on weather conditions during a certain time in history. It is these researchers that may play a role in certain accident, fire, or other such legal related areas. They might be asked to testify in court.

Tools used by the meteorologists


When placed outside, this tube of mercury can expand and contract while giving readings about the temperature of the surrounding. There are different designs of the thermometer such as the one with the coiled bimetal strip in which a pointer tends to twist on a calibrated circular dial, as the temperature fluctuates.


A barometer is a device that can measure air pressure in a similar looking device as a thermometer. When the mercury in the barometer rises it means that the conditions are clearing, and so a falling one would mean that a storm is approaching.

Weather satellites

At times the weather satellites located in space will take pictures of areas on earth, thereby helping the meteorologists see such things as cloud formations and make intelligent predictions of the weather on earth.

Meteorologist’s job is an exciting one. It is also extremely rewarding for a meteorologist when he or she is able to alert the public of an impending severe weather event and help save lives and property damage.

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