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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Telecommuting

on 11 May 2018 23:10 | Viewed 1737 times

Telecommuting is a term for working from home. This is an arrangement in which the employee works away from the office, typically from their home.

Instead of physically commuting to work, the employee “travels” to work via telecommunication links. The telecommuter is able to keep in touch with their coworkers, supervisors and their clients just as easily through telephone, email and other electronic communications. They may occasionally come to the office to physically connect with their office mates, attend important meetings, mingle and relieve the monotony they may feel working from home.

Employees such as pregnant women, young mothers, people who are temporarily or permanently disabled, people who live too far from the office usually like to take advantage of telecommuting. There are several benefits and drawbacks of telecommuting that you need to take into account before you consider telecommuting:

Benefits of Telecommuting

In telecommuting, the worker experiences greater levels of freedom with regard to their work hours and location.

It gives them much more flexibility when it comes to balancing work and personal commitments. Office space can serve a person with a lot of distractions. There are discussions, cheerful banter, or full of arguments among the office staff. A home office space is free of such distractions and allows one to work with better concentration. Some employees feel less stress when their boss is not too close physically. They are more at ease and more productive when they are afforded their own private space and flexible hours. Such arrangement benefits the employee as well as the company they are working for.

Telecommuters are thus much more likely to be satisfied with their jobs and be more intent on staying with the company. A report in 2013 showed that the company tends to save money when the majority of its employees are working from home. Employee also saves a lot of time that is necessary to get dressed for work, driving back and forth and winding and unwinding. This extra time can be better spent on producing work for the company.

Drawbacks of Telecommuting:

You have to be very self-motivated. When they do not have someone directly supervising them, some workers procrastinate and lose track of time.  You will need to find a proper place to work where other things will not distract you. While it is our colleagues who might distract us in the office, at home it might be our family members, especially little ones. On the other hand, it can also be a bit isolating when you are working from home; socializing and making friends is important for humans.

When it comes to telecommuting, the benefits often tend to outweigh the drawbacks. If you are the type of person who thinks they can handle the drawbacks then telecommuting can certainly be very satisfying. 

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