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Physical Therapists are trained professionals who help patients recover from injuries, chronic pain, and other health conditions and regain their mobility.

Physical Therapists (PT’s) serve the needs of the people of all age groups – from babies to senior citizens. They can make a profound difference in their patients’ lives. The services they provide include mobility improvement, pain relief, rehabilitation, and physical fitness training. PT’s make physical examinations, diagnose problems, prescribe exercises, educate and help patients do the exercises properly. PT’s help their patients regain and maintain their health and independence and lead active lives.

Experienced Physical Therapist can progress to managerial and directorial positions. The director or manager physical therapists are often entrusted with the task of hiring and training new physical therapy staff, performing operational duties, supervising the physical therapy staff etc. Some oversee the financial and research functions as well.

Considerable education and training is necessary to become a Physical Therapist. First, a bachelor’s degree in any science related field, such as biology, physiology, and human anatomy will take 4 years of college. A Master’s degree in Physical Therapy which takes another 1 to 2 years will enable the graduates to start practicing the profession. Most PT’s continue their education and complete a 3 year Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy. In the United States the Physical Therapy curriculum must be accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE). PT’s will also need accreditation and license from the state that they will be practicing in.

There are several advantages and disadvantages to working as a Physical Therapist in the US.

The advantages include:

●       A decent salary: The average salary of a physical therapist in the US is $88,110 as of June 28, 2020, according to The amount can vary depending on the level of education, experience, and specific state where the practitioner works.

●       As demand for Physical Therapists is high, PT’s enjoy job security.

●       Flexible work environment: The nature of a PT's work allows professionals to work at varied facilities. They can work at hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and also at sports facilities, schools, and large companies.

●       Job satisfaction and good feeling of helping patients get back on their feet.

The disadvantages include:

●       Long time: Becoming a professional can take several years between academic study and clinical training.

●       A demanding profession: Becoming a PT is a very demanding job that requires a substantial investment of one’s time and physical abilities. PT’s need to remain physically fit and patient.

Overall, Physical Therapy can be quite a rewarding and lucrative profession. Physical Therapists are respected and appreciated by their patients. The occupation is particularly enjoyed by gregarious people who like to socialize and develop friendships.

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