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Marine Biologists

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Marine biology is the study of marine organisms, their demeanor and interactions with their environment they inhabit. Marine biology is a scientific discipline that requires extensive research, which is initially conducted through universities and then independently or in coordination with an organization.

Who are Marine Biologists?

Those who study the subject are known as marine biologists. Their roles require them to examine biological oceanography primarily. Marine biology is a vast subject, which means researchers often select a specific area of expertise and accumulate more knowledge on their subject matter over a number of years and decades even. Specialization may entail acquiring information based on a particular species, their behavior or the ecosystem as well.

What Does a Marine Biologist Do?

Marine biologists analyze marine creatures in their natural habitats. They assess the practices and physiology of such organisms. Research pertains to conducting species inventories, testing sea based specimen, collecting samples and preserving certain marine organisms as well.

Furthermore, their research may include observing the reaction of sea life to pollutants and other external agents. They facilitate such research by collecting samples, preserving specimens and studying them extensively.

What Education is required to Become a Marine Biologist?

An undergraduate degree is the bare minimum required for fundamental marine biology research oriented jobs. In some cases, individuals may have acquired a post graduate qualification as well. Additionally, doctoral degrees are mandatory for faculty positions and similar positions that allow individuals to follow their own interests.

While universities typically offer students the chance to study programs focusing on marine biology, there are a large number of students who obtain degrees in biology, zoology, ecology or similar disciplines pertaining to animal sciences to begin with.

When individuals become certified marine biologists, they may be employed by their alma mater i.e. their own universities and colleges, federal agencies, marine oriented organizations, nonprofit laboratories or local governments as well.

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Amita Vadlamudi is an IT professional with experience in IBM mainframes and Unix systems for over 30 years. Ms. Vadlamudi is the author of many articles including the ones on this website, as well as the ones on Slideshare and Strikingly.


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