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Licensed practical nurse (LPN)

on 23 Mar 2019 23:26 | Viewed 1899 times

As all nurses, a LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) is an important member of a highly active healthcare team. The LPN is the first healthcare professional that a patient will come in contact with as they enter the hospital. They are often seen assisting the registered nurses and doctors.

To become an LPN, the person will have to first complete their high school diploma or GED, then enroll in the practical nursing program. This higher education program can be found in technical schools or community colleges. The most well-known programs are accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing. After completion of this course, the candidates will have to get the license from the state that they are practicing in. they will have background checks done and then will have to pass the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCLEX-PN) exam.

The daily responsibilities of the LPN are to work closely with the patients and also the healthcare providers. They clean the wounds and apply bandages. They administer medications. They assist with bathing, dressing, and feeding of the patients. They record and monitor patients’ heart rate, blood pressure and other vital signs and report them to the registered nurses and/or the doctors.

An LPN needs to be a people’s person, someone who is kind and empathetic to the patients. An LPN also needs to be able to work well with other staff members. She or he should be patient and be able to hold up under pressure.

The LPN’s job is hard and stressful but very rewarding. There is a great job satisfaction that comes from patients under their care getting better and leaving the hospital in good health.

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