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Teaching is considered a noble profession and teachers are invaluable. With a myriad of educational institutions in USA, there is a great demand for good teachers throughout the country.

A person interested in teaching can choose their preferred area beginning from a preschool teacher to a college professor. The career path for teachers depends on their specialization. Education, training, and certification requirements to become a teacher vary. The profession demands teachers to have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree, preferably in the subject they want to teach. A college professor will require a Master’s degree.

Regrettably, despite the rather high level of education and certification required to become a teacher, the profession pays surprisingly less compared to other careers requiring the same educational standards. A report showed that teachers are paid 21.4% less than professionals with similar levels of schooling and experience.

While salaries of teachers vary across states, the average nationwide wage of a public school teacher in USA is $61,370. Texas, Kentucky and Nevada are the top three well-paying states for teaching professionals in USA.

Teachers not only spend their days giving instruction to students, but they also spend time reviewing and grading papers, writing student evaluations, providing recommendations etc. Most teachers also take personal interest in their students and offer counseling and emotional support. Teachers’ days could be hectic. Teachers often complain of long hours without additional pay for working overtime.

On the positive side, majority of the teachers find their job to be rewarding. They find much job satisfaction in teaching and helping their students. Also, since USA has been battling a shortage of teachers, most teaching professionals enjoy job security.

Education is an integral part of preparing the young and the old alike for careers as well as for life in general. For this reason, teachers are an indispensable resource. Good teachers will always remain in demand.

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