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on 18 Jan 2020 0:14

It would be easy to study the past if everything was left for us in writing. Unfortunately, most of our past is not left in clear black and white writing, but rather in small material evidence that needs to be pieced together to understand the whole story. This is where archeologists come in.

Archeology is the study of material remains from the past, such as pottery, monuments, jewelry and tools, to be able to better understand human history and activities from long, before our prior ...more

Being a Physician

on 20 Oct 2019 22:24

Physicians, most commonly referred to as doctors, are medical professionals whose primary job is to diagnose and treat illnesses. They can also provide counseling on diet, hygiene and disease prevention. Some physicians become surgeons and can perform operations to treat medical conditions, injuries, deformities and the like.

Medical Specialties

There are many lines and specialties in medicine. Some of the more common ones are:

  • Allergy & Immunology
  • Anesthesio ...more

Being an Astronaut

on 02 Jul 2019 16:40

1958 saw the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) adopt a word for the men and women it trains to go into space: Astronaut. It means “sailor among the stars”. Astronauts are people trained to pilot and travel in the spacecraft. They travel beyond the earth’s atmosphere and into space and conduct exploration and experimentation activities.

Astronauts mainly take on either of two roles: pilot astronauts who pilot the international space station and space shuttles a ...more

Licensed practical nurse (LPN)

on 23 Mar 2019 23:26

As all nurses, a LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) is an important member of a highly active healthcare team. The LPN is the first healthcare professional that a patient will come in contact with as they enter the hospital. They are often seen assisting the registered nurses and doctors.

To become an LPN, the person will have to first complete their high school diploma or GED, then enroll in the practical nursing program. This higher education program can be found in technical schools or ...more

The Basics of being an Architect

on 29 Dec 2018 21:53

Architects are defined as professionals who are educated and licensed in the art and science of the design elements and overall construction of structures such as houses and buildings. An architect is responsible for the creation of the structural and aesthetic appearance of said structures.

In addition, the architect must also ensure that the building they are developing is functional, secure, and economical as well. Also, it must be in accordance with the requirements specified by c ...more