Amir Najam - Accomplished Software and Systems Expert

SAP Process Analyst at REI



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United States

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IT and Technology



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Amir Najam, a technical expert operating near Seattle, Washington, leverages software skill sets linked to SAP global security administration and project management as well as QA testing and process analysis for Recreational Equipment, Inc (REI). He assists the company, a retailer of outdoor gear and apparel founded in Seattle, as SAP Process Analyst, a role in which he has deep experience. In the years before joining REI, Amir Najam held the same position with T-Mobile and Mikron Industries.

When not advancing the technical infrastructure of REI, Amir Najam enjoys games, such as the video game World of War Craft. He also participates in fantasy sports such as football, baseball, and basketball. Further, he stays active through outdoor pursuits like hiking as well as fishing and hunting.

Amir Najam's Professional Experience

2011 - Present
2009 - 2011
Key Skills
2006 - 2007
Key Skills

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Bachelor/Degree - Business Administration

University of Houston

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Fishing, Biking, Hiking, Video Games, Grilling, Card Games, Hunting, MMA Fighting, Movies, Shopping, War of World Craft, Cars, Flying, Traveling, Swimming,Fantasy Football, Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Basketball, Selling event tickets