Amanda Bristow - Graduate BA Social and Cultural Studies

Education Liaison Mentor at University of Derby



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2010 - Present

University of Derby - Education Liaison Mentor

In developing the skills gained from volunteer work. My current position is to promote the University of Derby at Schools, Colleges and open days. I would like to continue working in an environment of creativity, problem solving and brain storming. I have shown the ability to relate well to other people by inspiration, warmth and leadership. This has placed me in good stead at gatherings, meetings and social events.

2009 - 2010

Nando's Restaurant - kitchen assistant

I trained staff to provide high levels of customer service and health and safety matters. Tasks involved responsibility for the kitchens duties including managing the close down and paperwork checks. Daily tasks involved assisting and managing the coordination and communication between the grillers and front of house staff. During my time here I participated in health and safety, business and team building training

2002 - 2009

McDonald's Restaurant LTD - Staff Trainer

During this time I worked at restaurants in Derby full time until 2006 when I decided to return to education. The skills I learned included communicating with customers and staff. My responsibilities increased with experience becoming fully trained in all areas including health, safety and hygiene. I became a party entertainer, staff trainer and crew representative working alongside the management. In 2008 I moved to Milton Keynes and continued my employment alongside my studies.

2008 - 2008

Mitchells and Butlers Retail LTD Argosy - Bar & Floor Person

Experience of bar work and waitressing increased my confidence as I developed skills in working with the public in another area of customer service. In addition to keeping a professional attitude at the bar I continued my studies.

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currently studying - BA Social and Cultural Studies

University of Derby

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Previous work experience has involved working as a team in managing and educating. I am currently seeking full time work as I finish completing my BA Degree in Social and Cultural Studies. My initial career goals will be to gain employment for an aspiring company, working alongside people that give opportunity to solve new problems and learn new skills which involves seeing work get results. I am looking for a graduate opportunity preferably in the midlands area that provides variety and action. I would describe myself as highly Enthusiastic and innovative with a penetrating sense of observation.