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Sales Assistant at MCcann Centra



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Banking Insurance and Financial Services



I am a motivated, responsible and adaptable graduate of the Open University with BA (Hons) Business studies and Economics seeking a graduate entry role within the banking and finance sector. Open University study demonstrates my resilience and determination to focus on a career objective and take charge of my own development. During my degree I successfully combined my studies with other commitments showing myself to be self-motivated, organised and capable of working under pressure.

Amana Butt's Professional Experience

2008 - 2010

MCcann Centra - Sales Assistant

Centra is a convenience store operating in Ireland with currently 458 stores operating in Ireland. I worked in MCcann Centra as a sales assistant and my responsibilities included


• Responsible for delivering a friendly service, smiling, greeting and making eye contact
with every customer that comes to the store.
• Being responsible for processing cash and card payments and operating tills.
• Answering queries from customers and dealing with customer complaints.
• Giving advice and guidance on product selection to customers.
• Keeping up to date with special promotions and putting up displays.
• Pricing magazines and displaying newspapers and ordering what is required.


• Improved the customer relations with the staff by convincing them to share their comments, complaints or product demands in the complaint book which resulted in customer filling their demands on products and maximum availability of products and services demanded.
• Encouraged customers to sign up for store loyalty tags which further strengthen their relation with the organisation.
• Helped maximizing by ensuring availability of products at all time by checking stock, building good customer relation and can accurately cash up a days sale.

Key Skills
customer relations Promotions Sales Assistant

Amana Butt's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - Bachelor of Arts (BA) Business Studies, Economics

The Open University

Amana Butt's Additional Information


Enjoy cooking food, going on long walks to sea, watching TV, playing video games, reading books and surfing on internet