Allen Anderson - Receptionist, Production runner

Receptionist at travelodge phoenix park



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Hotel and Catering



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Allen Anderson's Receptionist role at travelodge phoenix park (2012 - Present)

I have worked as a hotel receptionist in travelodge phoenix park also as a production runner for Ireland's two largest Post Production Companies where I have gained 4 years work experience. My role as a receptionist involved checking in/out guests from hovel. Managing calls and bookings from phone, fax, or email. Managing accounts of shift and posting them online using opera operating system.Part of my role as a runner in both companies involved me working on reception where I recieved and forwarded calls, took client bookings, ordered courriers and taxis, and bookkeeping among other things. I was responsible for opening and locking up the building and keep a record of visitors. I also had to do daily fire and security checks. I love dealing with the public and enjoy working in a busy enviroment. I am a hard worker and eager to learn new skills.


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