Alison Byrne - Experienced in childcare and montessori

Child Care Assistant student/Montessori student teacher/temp staff



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I am experienced in Montessori and childcare and have just finished my college course. am expecting my results in July but have a fetac level five in childcare but have not yet recieved the certificate as I am graduating in October 2012.I love working with children and find it rewarding.

Alison Byrne's Professional Experience

2011 - Present

Compass catering - cashier / shop assistant

The main duties were serving customers,using good customer service and cleaning.

Key Skills
Customer Service Cleaning
2010 - Present

Child Care Assistant student/Montessori student teacher/temp staff

Over a years experience:
Main duties include playing with children,feeding,changing nappies,cleaning,orgnising activities.

I also have experience in montessori teaching,presenting materials,doing circle time and doing lesson plans.I have a good knowledge of the materials.

Key Skills
Cleaning Montessori Organising activities,looking after the children,presenting montessori materials from all areas working in a team

Alison Byrne's Education and Qualifications


currently studying - Montessori and childcare

Liberities College

My main achievement during this course was I passed all my exams in my first year so far and I felt this was very rewarding.