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Proud Camden Bar might seem like an unusual name for a bar; however, the name comes from its founder, Alexander Proud, who started the bar as a complement to one of his existing art galleries. Why stop at art, he reasoned, when you could also get drinks, live music, and enjoy great food at the same time?

The bar shows off the unique style of the Proud Group, whose roots are in art exhibits at galleries featuring rock’n’roll icons. Similar pieces can be found adorning Proud Camden Bar, which hosts new up-and-coming artists, as well as pop culture favorites.

The bar was renovated in 2008 and is now at the 700-capacity Grade II Listed Horse Hospital. Guests can reserve one of the old stables to have a private area during the live music shows and club nights, or use them for small gatherings at lunch hour. They are an ideal place to relax, featuring a television and DVD player, as well as a PlayStation 3. With such an assortment of entertainments, Alexander Proud has developed a venue to be proud of.

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