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2013 - Present

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2013 - Present

The Centrix Group - Healthcare

Alexander Candelario is the founder of The Centrix Group, which is a company that provides high quality solutions to healthcare issues. The company specializes in clinical practice management. This is a field where the details are incredibly important and data capture is paramount. The Centrix Group puts their clients front and center by developing tools for them that will help them to be more successful in the long run. The Centrix Group is primed to accomplish this because Alexander Candelario, the founder, has put together a team of professionals who understand what it is that their clients in the healthcare industry need.

Alexander Candelario and his wife also own the Cameo Alpaca Ranch. They have been raising alpacas since 1999 and in 2008 they donated twenty two of the creatures to the Austin zoo. He and his wife are also avid dog lovers. They own a number of breeds, including Great Pyrenees, Golden Retriever, and Australian Shepard.