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Alex Faigel, now the Manager at Dr. Dental, began his professional career at zTrace Technologies as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Applications offered by this computer company provide portable security technology that enables users to track stolen devices. Alex Faigel managed the public awareness of zTrace Technologies’ products, which are comprised of comprehensive software solutions that quickly recover information and protect files on the computer from unauthorized access. Due to Alex Faigel’s leadership of the sales and marketing teams, zTrace saw repeated annual gains. He was also responsible for the launch of a media marketing and public awareness campaign that resulted in extensive news coverage. Some of the outlets reporting on zTrace included ABC’s Good Morning America, USA Today, CNN, PC Magazine, TIME Magazine, and NBC news.

Alex Faigel's Professional Experience

2004 - Present

Dr. Dental - Managing Director

In his current position, he manages daily operations for this business while directing financial planning, hiring staff, and developing business strategy.

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Bachelor/Degree - Entrepreneurship, Marketing

Babson College

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Reading, skiing, hiking, jogging


Everest Institute, Project Feed, United Way, Greater Boston Food Bank, UNICEF