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A veteran attorney, Aldon Bolanos earned a bachelor of arts in philosophy, ethics, and public policy at the University of California before going on to complete his juris doctor at the university’s Hastings College of Law. His dedication to assisting victims of banks and large corporations began early in his career when he worked as a clerk during law school at the California Department of Insurance. Under the direction of the lawyer Larry White and Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi, attorney Aldon Bolanos served on the Workers’ Compensation Task Force and helped effect reforms to the California Labor Code.

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2008 - Present

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Aldon Bolanos manages a civil rights, business and real estate civil law practice with offices in Sacramento, Marin, and L.A. His philanthropic activity includes the board of directors of the Sacramento County Bar Association, an appointment to the Bicycle and Transportation Commission, and work with the California Mission Society.

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Hastings College of the Law

The focus of my legal education was Constitutional law. Where are our rights being infringed, boxed-in, truncated? That is where the real fight lies, and that is where I sought to position myself and my practice -- on the front line of the never-ending battle between oppressor and oppressed.