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Accounting and Finance

ALBERTO BARROSO's Billing & Collection role at Clearwire (2006 - 2011)

Daily meetings with outsourcing partners to define the number of outbound calls that had to be made to delinquent customers
Handling daily phone calls with top customers and businesses clients in order to process their payments
Billing and collections training for call center agents
CRM Design focused on the use of customer services agents
Collation, reconciliation and processing of daily invoicing.
Chasing outstanding PO’s and monitoring of uninvoiced sales on a daily basis.
Ensuring timely completion of invoicing processes.
Liaising with On-site Consultants, Accounts Group, Managers and Directors to resolve issues related to invoicing.
Research, resolve and respond to invoicing issues
Root cause analyses in order to solve business issues and suggestion of process improvements
Follow procedures on controls and internal audit processes
Review of invoicing reports to verify if the proper documentation had been received for payments to be processed
Manual invoicing for specific clients on a weekly/fortnightly/monthly basis.
Resolve helpdesk queries
Ensure all invoicing systems are updated with information by due date
Work with invoicing team to improve current invoicing methods with automatic billing being the goal.
Implementation of toll fraud monitoring application
Implementation and operation of application for inventory control for wimax equipment, picking up to customers and department stores.


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