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Why You Should Volunteer in a Nursing Home

on 03 Mar 2017 16:02 | Viewed 195 times

Alan S. Cohn is the president and chief executive officer of AbsoluteCARE, a Florida-based provider of ambulatory intensive care for individuals living with serious or chronic illness. A JD graduate of the University of Baltimore with an extensive background in health care management, he previously led Avesis Managed Health Care as chief executive officer. Also involved in his community, Alan S. Cohn has volunteered at the Levendale Nursing Home. Your decision to volunteer at a nursing home or retirement community can be a fulfilling experience not only for you, but also for those whom you serve. Volunteers play a significant role in building a sense of comfort and community within these facilities by planning fun, engaging programs and activities, often drawing on their own unique skills to enrich the lives of residents.Many activities that retirement community volunteers take part in can give you valuable career experience in areas such as event planning and fundraising. In addition, the diverse range of people that you are likely to meet while volunteering, including residents and fellow volunteers, can help enhance your communication skills while also yielding valuable networking opportunities.The benefits of volunteering in a nursing home extend far beyond enhancing your résumé. Volunteers stand to gain an abundance of knowledge from members of the older generations, who can offer unique perspective on the world, historic events, and societal changes. The opportunity to share their stories with an interested individual can do wonders for residents’ emotional health, reducing feelings of isolation that can actually increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. The relationships that volunteers build with residents, whether through hobbies or simple conversation, serve as a vital source of support in what can often be a lonely environment. Further, volunteers also help to enrich the lives of residents’ families, offering the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their loved ones are receiving support and compassion.


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