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The Benefits of Joining Avesis

on 30 Dec 2013 22:13 | Viewed 338 times

Alan S. Cohn serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Avesis, a managed health care company that offers vision, dental, and hearing insurance. As the head of the company, Alan S. Cohn understands the importance of maintaining positive relationships with both members and healthcare providers. He attributes the company's steady growth over the past two decades to its efforts to offer the highest quality service. Today, Avesis has some of the highest retention rates in the industry for both providers and members. The company claims more than 5 million members and a nationwide network of more than 25,000 providers. Professionals at Avesis carefully select providers based on their reputation for excellence, ensuring that members have a satisfactory experience. Members enjoy maximum benefit flexibility; the ability to repeat savings at certain providers; and freedom from claim submissions, vouchers, and pre-authorizations. More information about Alan S. Cohn's company is available online at


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