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Finding new opportunities to innovate and develop.

Alan Kelly's Professional Experience

2010 - Present

VoxLoc - CTO

VoxLoc provides you with a turnkey solution for keeping your customer present. Our biometric solution works regardless of where your customer is or how they are completing the transaction.

Key Skills
biometrics payments
2006 - Present

Dorkel Solutions - CTO

In Dorkel Solutions, I designed and developed a USSD-triggered mobile roaming SIM product in conjunction with three high-profile international mobile operators. Having successfully brought the product to market, the company was acquired by ViaOne Networks.

2007 - 2010

ViaOne - Worldphone Architect

In ViaOne, I have continued the development of the roaming SIM acquired from Dorkel Solutions, as well as contributing to the development of other innovative telecoms products. This has included partnering with publishers Wiley’s to produce the “World Phone For Dummies”, a custom-designed handset for use with the roaming SIM.

Key Skills
2005 - 2006

Callkey Group - Consultant

I consulted with Callkey on a number of projects, primarily on development of their roaming SIM platform.

2002 - 2005

Buytel - Architect

Buytel was a telecommunications provider which offered a number of services in Ireland and internationally, including calling cards, carrier pre-select and a roaming SIM solution. Buytel also supplied the airline Ryanair with their on-board calling card. In Buytel, I designed, developed and managed all of our projects, as well as maintaining our internal infrastructure. I also designed a powerful analytics engine which allowed for real-time call analysis and rate optimization.

Alan Kelly's Education and Qualifications


Masters/PostGrad - Mathematical Methods and Numerical Software

University College Dublin


Bachelor/Degree - Astrophysics

Trinity College Dublin

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Photography, astronomy