Ajit - Biotechnology Postgraduate

Masters at Newcastle University



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United Kingdom

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Pharmaceutical and Science



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An enthusiastic, hardworking learner who is dedicated to work. I Can also work in a team and is self motivated.

Ajit's Education and Qualifications


Masters/PostGrad - , MSc Industrial and Commercial Biotechnology

Newcastle University


Bachelor/Degree - B.Tech in Biotechnology

Dr D. Y. Patil University

Ajit's Professional Experience

2011 - 2012

Newcastle University - Masters

Research trainee [at Demuris Ltd.]
* Project: ‘Optimisation of the production process of novel antimicrobials from
- Screened of various commercial media for actinomycetes isolate growth
- Performed shake flask fermentation using Plackett-Burman design of
- Physical factors and media components both taken into account
- Carried out different analysis on fermentation products
- Performed successful antibiotic product characterization using TLC
- Determined the kLa in shake flasks using Oxymini 4 sensor
- Obtained successful optimisation of antibiotic activity with screened media

2010 - 2010

Dr. D Y Patil University - Research Trainee

A six month independent project on production and characterization of exopolysaccharides from Bacillus species under the guidance of HOD of Industrial biotechnology.

Key Skills
basic working of HPLC enzymatic assay shake flask fermantation
2006 - 2010

Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth - Bachelors

Research trainee
* Project: ‘Production and characterization of the exopolysaccharides produced from
Bacillus sp.’- (75%)
- Estimated effect of various carbon and nitrogen sources on production of
- Characterized exopolysaccharides using TLC and HPLC
- Successfully developed a ‘biofilm‘ from the exopolysaccharides
- Successfully obtained high emulsification with exopolysaccharides.

2008 - 2008

Clonegen Biotechnology - Trainee

Worked as an intern with hands on experience of various microbiological techniques
* Performed DNA and RNA isolation from plant source followed by plasmid isolation
and transformation
* Performed characterization of plant source using northern blotting followed by PCR

Key Skills
Microbiological PCR

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