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Aidan Walsh's Anti-Fraud Analyst role at RSA Security (2011 - 2012)

Worked as a member of RSA’s Anti-Fraud Command Center (AFCC) providing online Fraud protection services (Anti-Phishing, Anti-Pharming and Trojan handling) to a wide range of commercial entities. The position involved detection and analysis of online threats and processing in accordance with customer specific procedures.

Primary duties involved:
• Detect Phishing and Trojan attacks
• Analyse new Fraud Trends and Technologies
• Forensics analysis and research
• Initiate formal shut down fraudulent websites
• Initiate counter-measures
• HTML, Java, PHP scripting analysis
• Follow up with ISP and Web Hosting authorities to ensure site closure or amendment
• Communicate with customers to update on attack status and shutdown progress

Addition contributions:
• Chosen to head up a new Mobile Apps Fraud Service offering. The role involved performing research and developing a process framework. Within 3 months RSA were in a position to trial this new service and extend its Anti-Fraud network to cater for the mobile operating systems for smartphones and tablet computers.

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