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I am a highly motivated young developer. I am completely flexible with hours travel and location. Very comfortable working in a team or by myself.

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2007 - Present

software engineer

In college i spent a year in Intel working as a business analyst. It was a great stepping stone into the IT world.

I began working in Sentenial in 2007. Sentenial are a payments processing company based in Maynooth, Co. Kildare. The technologies we use are generally open source. Java J2EE is the core language used to implement the software. I am actively using JBOSS and websphere deployment application tools. Eclipse is the software development platform i currently use. Within the last year i have been improving my skill set by learning and using software tools such as Spring and Hibernate. Our applications are built using Maven so i have good exposure to it as well. I use SQL on a daily basis for our Oracle Databases. Our development model resolves around a process known as Sprints or Scrums.

During the last 6 months i have been promoted from Graduate to Junior Software Engineer.

Key Skills
Cat Hibernate J2EE Java JBoss Junior Processing Spring Websphere

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Bachelor/Degree - Computer Science and Software Engineering

National University Ireland Maynooth