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I am an experienced operations Team Manager with long term exposure in the industry at all levels. Having
worked as an agent on a busy customer service team I graduated to a Technical Lead / Supervisor role having proven myself a capable assistant to my colleagues as an agent. After a brief period in the Technical Lead position I was promoted to Team Manager. Following this I managed my first client Nikon, which I project managed through setup, recruitment and to Go Live. My next contract was Sybase 365 again involving client interaction. I am currently working as a Team Manager on the Post Office Customer Service contract – a position which will become redundant as of July 31st 2009. I am therefore seeking a Team Manager / Team Leader positions within a contact centre.

Unafraid of a challenge I am motivated by being part of developing the solution and delivering a positive result through working with others. Creative and thorough approach to problem solving. Driven by positive results and always strives to turn red KPI’s into greens. Ethical with a strong sense of integrity and loyalty. Honest and forthright attitude with the ability for logical communication.

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