Ahmed Abouesh - Mental Health Professional

CEO at Therapeutic Solutions

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United States

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Medical and Nursing



Psychiatry professional Dr. Ahmed Abouesh acts as Chief Executive Officer and Medical Director of Therapeutic Solutions, P.C., a multi-disciplinary mental health facility located in Chico, California. Concurrent with these duties, Dr. Ahmed Abouesh also maintains membership in the American Psychiatric Association, the American Academy of Psychiatry and Law, and the American Medical Association.

As the Chief Executive Officer of Therapeutic Solutions, Dr. Ahmed Abouesh oversees the practice’s treatment programs, including transcranial magnetic stimulation and electroconvulsive therapy. The facility also offers a variety of flexible treatment programs to meet the needs of its patients, which range from outpatient therapy and intensive outpatient programs to partial hospitalization. Dr. Abouesh and Therapeutic Solutions provide mental health services to individuals living with depression, phobias, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and emotional issues.

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PhD/Doctorate - MBBCh

Ain Shams University

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