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Self motivated, commercially minded individual able to develop Business solutions in partnership with Public and Private Sector clients. Involved in a range of SME, Commercial and Industrial Projects, together with the development of Investment programs in both Europe and the Middle East in support of business objectives.

adrian bolton's Professional Experience

2009 - Present

SME Business Development - founder

Develop business enterprises in support of economical and financial changes within the present business sectors here in Ireland and at the same time create both a new and sustainable market for corporate organisations and SME alike.

Develop financial structures with both Enterprise Ireland and Halo Business Angels in order to provide an underlying market trend in support of new business units created by a downturn within a recessional economy.

Create an operational platform in which SME can operate and manage growth through a sustainable and economic development program in support of market values and trends.

Devise two SME sectors in direct answer to openings within the current market sector by providing innovation and solution solving direct to target audiences.

Monitor financial and sales programs necessary to support such innovation and provide assistance through the implementation of both Private and Public Sector structures.

Key Skills
development interim management consultancy group
2000 - Present

achievements - adrian bolton

Successfully Set-up an SME Business facilitating the process of Interim Management Consultancy for bid management
Successfully presented an SME Business profile for the RTE TV Program, Dragons Den in 2009 for investment of €100k
Successfully Developed Tenders for Industrial Estates & Technology Zones in Saudi Arabia, $300m Project Value.
Successfully operated PPP Contracts for the Cork School of Music, 1st Bundle of Schools and LIFT (UK), €95m Project Value.
Successfully delivered FM Contracts for BP Oil Global Business in London and IBM in Ireland, £300m Project Value.
Successfully delivered a Program Schedule for RTE National Television in Ireland with international sales.
Presently undertaking the development of an SME Business Diploma with DIT Hothouse Innovation Program Dublin.

Key Skills
Contracts IBM
2008 - 2009

WYG International - Business Manager

As a Business Consultant delivering management of SME procurement, programming, Business planning and Investment solutions for clients across a broad range of sectors including water, healthcare, education, defence, infrastructure and energy.

Introduce Key objectives to develop and manage ongoing business strategy and sustainability within Sales for principle cost centre divisions active within the group.

Manage the Client interface arrangements, whilst developing new commercial ventures moving forward in order to extend existing and new business programs.

Key Skills
ACC Accounts asset manager Bid Management Business Development Cat civil engineer CLU communication Contracts design Lead leadership Marketing Organisational planning Program Management programming Project Management, projects reporting Risk Management strategy targets Technical Water Engineer
2007 - 2008

Davis Langdon PKS - Business Advisor

Business Management Consultant providing leadership advice and direction relating to SME and PPP with a strong business approach, drawing upon market knowledge and understanding in order to add value throughout the development process.

Develop and manage bid process in order to create value add within the group and its commercial markets.

Analysis Business objectives and strategies in line with market trends in order to create growth and sustainability within Sales.

Key Skills
Business Consultancy Business Development business development and marketing corperate development and planning Management market knowledge programming strategy
2006 - 2007

Infrastructure Management Group - Investment Manager

Business Management advisor relating to the procurement of PPP and Investment Contracts with all financial and company secretarial matters of individual services such as P&L, FM, regulatory audits, contract procurement and balance sheet activities.

Develop Customer relationships and the creation of commercial opportunities through product solutions in order to capture new market areas.

Report on all Financial aspects of the business to board level within Commercial sectors.

Key Skills
Board Level Business Consultancy Business Development Contracts development investment manager Management Manager market knowledge SME SME Start up Program management
2003 - 2006

International Development Ireland - Management Consultant

Business Consultant engaged on the early strategic partnerships in order to enable the development of best in class solutions with the ability to build operational performance throughout an interactive Business model by benchmarking.

Develop commercial understanding and market worth for the sustainability of investment sectors within Saudi Arabian at both Ministerial and Commercial levels.

Design broad business understanding of both Investment markets and Sales objectives in order to create trends within Business Sectors created by corporate strategies.

Key Skills
Client management design development government liaison manager Management private sector manager public sector manager
1999 - 2003

Johnson Controls (IBM) - Operations manager

Operational Consultant for both BP Oil in London and IBM Global business solutions in Ireland, providing the necessary understanding of day to day operational needs and performances, whilst developing interactive business solutions which would enable global Communication processes.

Develop a business solution in line with corporate strategy and Market value in order to support sustainable growth and market presents.

Advise Boards and shareholder investment groups of Risks associated with Development and Business acquisitions present within merging markets.

Control and manage Project teams in order to create a uniformed approach throughout the Company platform, whilst maintaining a low risk strategy and market exposure.

Key Skills
asset manager business manager civil engineer design engineer development IBM project engineer strategy
1984 - 1999

Water Companies - Project Manager

Development of water and wastewater assets for the provision of water supply, wastewater treatment and maintenance services for both industrial and municipal clients. Development of joint venture structures necessary to support Infrastructure development programs through mergers and acquisitions.

Design and Manage corporate strategy in line with investment programs in order to meet market predictions and share value.

Develop key client portfolios through negotiation and problem solving in order to generate market growth and sustainability.

Evaluation of market trends and investment share prices in order to report on project implementation and risk.

Advise on asset management programs in line with regulatory legislation in line with corporate strategy and market presents.

Monitor all financial investment programs in line with rollout options across the board and the effects of such implementation on long term strategy within a public Private sector environment.

Key Skills
Administrator Asset management design development finance Maintenance Management Negotiation strategy

adrian bolton's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - Business Management

DIT Bolton St Dublin


Diploma - business management



Diploma - Project Management

association of project manager


member -

institute of civil engineering


Bachelor/Degree - Civil Engineering


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