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An automotive consultant, trainer, and coach, Adrian Aragona has worked throughout Canada, the United States, and Europe for nearly two decades. As a National Trainer/Senior Consultant, he offers advice and training products to major automotive clients around the world. With experience as a Lead Facilitator, Subject Matter Expert, and Project Manager, Adrian Aragona notably launched the successful National Dealership Process Platform in Canada, an improvement tool for dealerships based on customer service and relationships.

Adrian Aragona holds a variety of certifications that prepare him to deliver training to his clients, including designations in the areas of executive leadership, change management, automotive coaching, and training and facilitating. Mr. Aragona has authored and taught courses on a wide range of subjects.

Adrian Aragona's Professional Experience

1996 - 2011

Self Employed - Consultant, Trainer, Coach

-DiSC Certified,Continous Improvement Certified
-Coaching Certification
-Training Generalist Certification
-Process Improvement Certified
-Consultant Management Certification

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