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Adeniji Adaralegbe's Director role at Greatest Virtual Office (GVO) (2007 - Present)

Possessing experience in computer science, accounting, and Internet advertising, Adeniji Adaralegbe currently serves as Director of Greatest Virtual Office (GVO) and assists clients in creating coastal vacations. Found at 2601 North 3rd Street, Suite 217, in Phoenix, GVO and Adeniji Adaralegbe can be reached by dialing (480) 333-1920.

Throughout his life, Adeniji Adaralegbe has lived in North America and Africa. Born in New York, Adaralegbe and his family immigrated to Nigeria where they had roots. While in the country, he began his undergraduate education at Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-Ife and took classes toward a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting.

Following his coursework at Obafemi Awolowo University, Adeniji Adaralegbe moved back to America and matriculated at Grand View University. He acquired a degree in computer information systems from the Des Moines school.

The period at Grand View University greatly affected Adaralegbe’s personal life as well. Here, he encountered Sandra. Originally from Michigan, Sandra eventually became an interior designer and his wife. Still married after more than a decade, the two of them raise three children. As a parent, Adeniji Adaralegbe understands the importance of teaching his children to respect where they come from, and he inspires them to learn about both Nigerian and American cultures.

From his home in Arizona, Adaralegbe stays active in his Christian community and acts a mentor to those in need of advice. Furthermore, he performs as an usher at a local church and takes value in listening to sermons because they enlighten him about important life lessons and ways to conduct one’s life. Some of Adeniji Adaralegbe’s other favorite pastimes include playing racquetball, lifting weights, swimming, and reading.

In his professional life, Adaralegbe accepted roles in information technology, help desks, web design, and Internet marketing prior to joining GVO. Additionally, he holds the rank of Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert.


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