ADEL AL-MALLAH - Experience Radiologic (Vascular) Technologist

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I am a 37 years old Bahraini citizen specialized in the field of diagnostic radiography.

Well, everything is explained in my CV and the other related documents but its worth to mention that I hold three professional degrees in the field of Diagnostic Radiography which are:

- MSc in Medical Imaging; Leeds University - United Kingdom (2006)
- BSc Diagnostic Radiography; University of Portsmouth - United Kingdom (1996)
- AD in diagnostic Radiography; College of Health Sciences - Bahrain (1992)

The Academic qualifications are supported with field experience that extends over15 years in the field of diagnostic radiography (clinical based experience) in Salmaniya Medical Complex - Bahrain; which started on 1992 until the end of 2006 after which I have joined the College of Health Sciences - Bahrain; as a head for the Diagnostic Radiography Program and a senior lecturer at the same time and until now.

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