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I am a 37 years old Bahraini citizen specialized in the field of diagnostic radiography.

Well, everything is explained in my CV and the other related documents but its worth to mention that I hold three professional degrees in the field of Diagnostic Radiography which are:

- MSc in Medical Imaging; Leeds University - United Kingdom (2006)
- BSc Diagnostic Radiography; University of Portsmouth - United Kingdom (1996)
- AD in diagnostic Radiography; College of Health Sciences - Bahrain (1992)

The Academic qualifications are supported with field experience that extends over15 years in the field of diagnostic radiography (clinical based experience) in Salmaniya Medical Complex - Bahrain; which started on 1992 until the end of 2006 after which I have joined the College of Health Sciences - Bahrain; as a head for the Diagnostic Radiography Program and a senior lecturer at the same time and until now.

ADEL AL-MALLAH's Professional Experience

2002 - Present

Bahrain Society for Technologists & Radiographers - Founder Member

I was member of the founding committee for the Bahrain Society for Technologists and Radiographers (BSTR) which has been established on 2002.

Since then, I am an active member and hold several positions in the BSTR such as the secretary for the board of directors. also participated in almost all the workshops organized by the society and was responsible for organizing some of them.

ADEL AL-MALLAH's Education and Qualifications


Masters/PostGrad - Medical Imaging

University of Leeds - UK


Bachelor/Degree - Diagnostic Radiography

University of Portsmouth - UK


Diploma - Diagnostic Radiography

College of Health Sciences

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- Computing.
- handcrafts.
- basketball