Adam  	Lucey - IT Graduate

System Analyst at RR Donnelley



Work category

IT and Technology



Adam Lucey's Professional Experience

2011 - 2011

RR Donnelley - System Analyst

Complete Work Placement programme for CIT and further my education one more year after .

As part of the team at RR Donnelly my job covered a wide continuum which included monitoring, tracking and providing feedback on service desk activity. Furthermore my job entailed assigning and resolving first and second level support calls from a wide client basis. In addition I was responsible for second level support of ERP systems, EDI administration and daily AS/400 System monitoring. As part of RR Donnelly I worked in close proximity with both external and internal clients whereby I had to certify that each client was pleased with their service while also ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction was given throughout all duties undertaken. As part of my work placement programme I was given ample opportunity to work directly with the IT team assisting them with the new migration from Banta services to RR Donnelly Company. My job also required detailed examination and execution of an existing business model’s while also monitoring flows of data from message signals, reports and receipts, these findings were discussed in minute detail with the clients and I implemented measures to design an appropriate improved solution.

Adam Lucey's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - Information Technology and Support

.Cork Institute of Technology

Skills in Networking , IT Support , Programming , Databases and Web design