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Professional Services Consultant at Bilytica Private Limited

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Abdus Saboor Ahmad's Professional Services Consultant role at Bilytica Private Limited (2012 - Present)

-Produce ETL design guidelines to ensure a manageable ETL infrastructure for the BI system.
-Analyze user requirements and, based on findings, design functional,specifications for BI front-end applications.
-Develop the semantic layer, metadata, reports, and report definitions.
-Write relational and multidimensional database queries,
-Create and deploy Ad hoc reports,customizing Graphs and reports as per client requirements,
-Design,plan,debug, monitor, and troubleshoot BI solutions,
-Work with project managers to ensure that data entry, retrieval, change and delete functions meet business requirements for project completion.
-Providing BI Consultancy in different BI Technologies in the Market like Microstrategy, SSRS, Cognos , OBIEE, Tableau etc..
-Data Integration/Synchronization for Sifter API [It's just a simple and friendly hosted bug tracking tool designed for small teams] and Google DFP API [Google's DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) API lets developers build applications that interact directly with Google's next-generation display advertising platform]
*Fetch the data using API's Client Library (C#) from respective Sifter & DFP URL's and Load data into MySQL DB for BI Analysis Purpose,Schedule the job to run on daily basis.
~: Conduct in House Staff Training :~
(i)- Tableau
(ii)- Microstrategy (MSTR)

~*HP Dashboard*~
-Conversion Company
~* Micro-strategy Training *~
-Client: 'Joseph Berwind'

~* Mobily ( KSA Telecom Company Location Riyadh,C3 Mobily near Kingdom Tower) OBIEE Project (Marketing Dashboard Business Intelligence Reporting)


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