Abdus Saboor  Ahmad

Professional Services Consultant at Bilytica Private Limited

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Abdus Saboor Ahmad's ETL/BI Developer role at Analytics Pvt Ltd (2011 - 2012)

Job Responsibilities:*
-Capture ETL Requirements,
-Logical and Physical Data Modelling
-Design, Develop ETL solution using Teradata Tools and Utilities (Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model with Teradata) and test processes for extracting data from legacy systems or production databases,
-Design, develop, and test processes for validating and conditioning data prior to loading into a data warehouse,
-Design, develop, and test processes for loading initial and cyclical data into a data warehouse,
-Develop and unit test semantic layers, reports, and GUIs
-Define BI application requirements.

*Teradata Factory
Instructor: Mr. Adnan Yousuf Kazi and Mr. Tahir Hussain Syed,
Teradata Lahore,Pakistan.

*Microstrategy (Business Intelligence Tool)*
Instructor: Mr. Belal Saeed
Teradata Lahore,Pakistan.

~*Project :Courier Industry*~
-LDM and PDM
-Source Mapping Document
-ETL Process using Teradata Utilities
-Unit Analysis Testing (UAT)
-Business Intelligence Reporting in MSTR

~*XML to CSV Tool*~
Make a .Net Application which fetch data from client server,data format is XML and convert it into the csv file which is used in the ETL process.

~*Talend Open Studio (TOS)*~
-Operational Data Integration,
-Data migration and synchronization,
-Implement complete ETL Process in TOS,
-Highly scalable and fast execution open source platform that leverages a grid of commodity hardware, and the only solution to support the dual ETL + ELT architecture.
-Built-in advanced components for ETL, including string manipulations, Slowly Changing Dimensions, Automatic Lookup handling, bulk loads support, etc.
*~*Implement Change Data Capture Process in TOS means
Connect to the Client Remote Server to fetch data from MYSQL DB convert it into CSV zip file after that move it from the Local Server to the Remote Server and remove the data from server if its Older than 2 weeks ~*
~: Details about TOS @ http://www.talend.com/solutions-data-integration/etl-for-analytics.php


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