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Aamir Abuzied's Field Engineer role at ericsson (2010 - 2012)

Work Experience:
Telecommunication Engineer at Ericsson Company from November 2010
Telecommunication Engineer at ICTS Company (Ericsson Subcontractor) from April 2008 to2010 in different positions as the following:
Transmission and Radio Engineer:

In the mentioned position I was in charge of the following:

Implementation, testing and commissioning of ERICSSON Microwave equipments (Mini Link-E, Mini Link-high Capacity, MINI LINK Traffic Node) installation of outdoors units as well as Indoor units such as AMM, MMU, DC distribution units, BNC panels and DF Panels. Also responsible for system configurations of MMU's and SMU's using Minilink Service Manager and Minilink Network Manager Software. Moreover, Antenna Alignment (0.3~ 1.8 meters), system Commissioning and acceptances were also our task.
Implementation and commissioning of ERICSSON Mini Link Traffic Node (20P, 6P, 2P) including software upgrade and adding node to management system.
Also in charge of digital cross connect (DXX) equipment installation such as cross connect configuration.
Installation and configuration of ERICSSON Mini link (E, high capacity).
RBS (Radio Base Station) Engineer - In charge of RBS 2000, RBS 3000RBS 6000 (Macro 2216v1, 2216v2, 2206v1, 2206v2, 3206), (Outdoor 2116, 2106v1.v2.v3, 6201), (Micro 2308,) series equipment installation, Advance Power System and GSM antenna Equipment Installation, RBS testing, IDB loading, Site Integration, Commissioning to the BSC/MSC. Also radio base station testing using Wiltron Site Master for feeder testing.
Node B integration & maintenance of GSM Ericsson RBS 6000 family (6201, 6102)
Acceptance and testing 2G and 3G sites
Maintenance and troubleshooting of ERICSSON GSM system.
Setup of IDB software of RBS cabinet using OMT software.
Installation and integration of Road Coverage sites.
Installation, configuration, Alignment and (Marconi Digital Radio System MDRS 155EC2).
Installation of Battery Backup Systems (BBS 2000, BBS 2000i, PBC 6500).
Installation of GSM Antenna systems (with ASC, RET, duplexers) and Feeders.
Preparing the sites to be ready for the acceptance without any pending items.

Nokia Siemens networks equipment:

BS 240, BS 240xl, BS 240 xl11, , configuration, commissioning ,integration and maintenance.
Service rack 1, 1A, 2, Eltek and power one.

Implementation, testing and commissioning of ERICSSON and Nokia Siemens Microwave equipment including: 0.3, 0.6, 1.2 and 2.4 meters Dishes alignment.``
Excellent knowledge of Ericsson software: OMT for RBS, accessing the traffic Node, Mini link craft, Mini link Manager for mini link E and nokia Siemens software (LMT, LCT).
Installation of GSM Antenna systems (with ASC, RET, diplexers and TMA) and Feeders.
Testing the feeders using Site master (Anritsu and Bird).

Huawei equipment:
BTS Installation, and Integration of Huawei 3900 (2G & 3G)
Transmission Huawei TRN (910, 950, 980).
Optimistic, Open mind, Dedicated, Passionate, Patient, Efficient and Highly Responsible.
Capable of working under pressure.
Good team working.


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